SUVs have become a fabric of the road no matter where you are, city, highway or country road. To some they're work vehicles, others family cars and some are just for pleasure. No matter what it is you're looking for, or what needs you may have, there's an SUV out there that suits you.
Let's take a look at why SUVs have become some of the most popular and best-selling vehicles on the planet. 
SUVs offer the best towing capabilities on the market outside of pickup trucks. Some Mid and Large size SUVs can tow up to 9,100 pounds, which means you can tow anything from a boat, to a trailer to even a mobile home! Short of commercial needs, that should satisfy what most people need to haul. Smaller SUVs can tow up to 5,000 pounds, which is more than adequate for people with outdoor and sporting hobbies. 
Many SUVs across size and class are well equipped for off-roading because of their high ground clearance and their availability in 4 wheel drive. The best SUVs for off-roading are usually found in the small to mid-size, since they can still handle well on rough terrain while still offering the high clearance and power that you would get out of a larger SUV. If you are serious about Off-Roading you may want to look into getting skid-plates to protect the underside of 
While many people choose SUVs because of the towing capabilities, perhaps the biggest reason people buy them is because of the passenger and cargo space that is combined with the towing capacity, which no other type of vehicle can offer. Usually available with seating for 5, and up to 8, an SUV is the best type of vehicle for large families because all of that seating also comes with additional cargo, perfect for trips and vacations. SUVs are also great for their versatile storage options, because most SUVs have middle and back seats that fold all the way down, giving the driver more cargo storage than any non-commercial vehicle, including pick-up trucks. SUVs also come with more maximum load capacities than other family cars like mini-vans, so you don't have to worry about driving with heavy loads. SUVs also have higher floors than minivans, making on and off-loading easier and less strenuous, which is enhanced even further by available automatic lift-gates.
Across the board SUVs have higher crash test ratings and safety scores, mostly due to their size and height. However, SUVs are also safer for driving in harsh weather conditions because they weigh more, helping them hug the road, which means a smoother drive. Most SUVs have all wheel drive and four wheel drive as available options which enables the driver to have more control and easier handling when driving on inclines, declines, or in wind, rain or snow.
Crossovers are the smallest SUVs you can find, but they are also the most versatile. Crossovers are generally the best SUVs for fuel efficiency and handling, since they're lightweight and have a small footprint. If you don't need the extra passenger and cargo room, crossovers like the Chevy Trax are immensely popular for people who like the safety features of SUVs, not to mention sitting higher, without punting fuel economy and handling. 
Though similar in stature, Crossovers are not to be confused with Compact SUVS. Compacts like the Chevy Equinox, Buick Encore and GMC Terrain are a step towards the more conventional SUVs in terms of interior space, cargo and power. The Compact class of SUV comes with more cargo room than crossovers, as well as more towing and trailering capabilities.
Kenny Ross Chevy Buick GMC's mid-size SUV class is headlined by the Chevy Traverse, Buick Enclave and GMC Acadia. Don't let the name of the class fool you, these are the most traditional types of SUVs on the road. Seating for up to 7 passengers accompanies generous cargo space and impressive trailering. Just a few of the reasons why the mid-sized class are considered the best family SUVS. 
Finally the Full-size SUV class brings us the giants that you see on the road. The Chevy Tahoe and GMC Yukon are a few of the most popular Full-Size SUVs. And simply put, there isn't a lot you can't do in these vehicles. You can tow your extended family, with your boat hitched to the back, or you can leave the pavement behind and go off-road to parts unknown.
Whatever SUV type you are considering, Kenny Ross Chevy Buick GMC can help you make the decision.